Alternative TV-Viva La Rock N Roll-4CD-Remastered-2015-gF

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Artist:Alternative TV
Title of Album:Viva La Rock ‘N’ Roll
Year of Release:2015
Total Time:4 hours, 54 minutes and 22 seconds
Bitrate:227 Kbps
Total Size:470 MB

#Song TitleArtistTime
01AlternativesAlternative TV9:43
02Action Time VisionAlternative TV2:33
03Why Don’t You Do Me Right?Alternative TV3:12
04Good TimesAlternative TV2:33
05Still-LifeAlternative TV5:19
06Viva La Rock ‘N’ RollAlternative TV4:20
07Nasty Little LonelyAlternative TV6:20
08RedAlternative TV2:05
09Splitting In 2Alternative TV5:11
10Love Lies Limp (Bonus Track)Alternative TV3:07
11Life (Bonus Track)Alternative TV2:07
12How Much Longer (Bonus Track)Alternative TV2:37
13You Bastard (Bonus Track)Alternative TV1:22
14Life After Life (Bonus Track)Alternative TV2:10
15Life After Dub (Bonus Track)Alternative TV2:39
16Another Coke (Bonus Track)Alternative TV5:30
17How Much Longer (Different Version) (Bonus Track)Alternative TV2:38
18You Bastard (Different Version) (Bonus Track)Alternative TV1:18
19Love Lies Limp (John Peel Session 05/12/77) (Bonus Track)Alternative TV2:54
20Action Time Vision (John Peel Session 05/12/77) (Bonus Track)Alternative TV2:31
21Still (John Peel Session 05/12/77) (Bonus Track)Alternative TV5:24
22Life After Life (John Peel Session 05/12/77) (Bonus Track)Alternative TV3:36
23Release The NativesAlternative TV4:02
24Serpentine GalleryAlternative TV2:22
25Poor AssociationAlternative TV1:47
26The Radio StoryAlternative TV7:48
27Facing Up To The FactsAlternative TV4:08
28The Good MissionaryAlternative TV7:17
29Graves Of Deluxe GreenAlternative TV2:57
30Smile In The DayAlternative TV8:21
31Vibing Up The Senile Man (Alias Vibing) (Bonus Track)Alternative TV0:59
32The Force Is Blind (Bonus Track)Alternative TV3:48
33Lost In Room (Bonus Track)Alternative TV4:55
34The Good Missionary (John Peel Session 17/07/78) (Bonus Track)Alternative TV6:45
35Release The Natives (John Peel Session 17/07/78) (Bonus Track)Alternative TV4:58
36Going Round In Circles (John Peel Session 17/07/78) (Bonus Track)Alternative TV1:20
37Nasty Little Lonely (John Peel Session 17/07/78) (Bonus Track)Alternative TV4:24
38Another Coke / The BodyAlternative TV6:38
39The Force Is BlindAlternative TV4:28
40Thief Of FireAlternative TV1:47
41The Radio Story / Strange LooksAlternative TV7:14
42Fire From HeavenAlternative TV4:20
43Release The NativesAlternative TV4:46
44Fellow Sufferer In DubAlternative TV5:25
45Bugger The CatAlternative TV5:12
46The Good Missionary, Part 1 (Bonus Track)Alternative TV7:48
47The Good Missionary, Part 2 (Bonus Track)Alternative TV4:27
48Kif Kif’s Free Freak Out (Bonus Track)Alternative TV4:07
49Action Time Lemon (Bonus Track)Alternative TV3:24
50Going Round In Circles (Bonus Track)Alternative TV1:18
51Fellow Sufferer (Bonus Track)Alternative TV10:58
52Splitting In Two (Bonus Track)Alternative TV7:49
53Snappy TurnsAlternative TV3:43
54The Object Is To LoveAlternative TV2:17
55You KnowAlternative TV2:45
56InsideAlternative TV4:05
57At WarAlternative TV5:40
58Death Looks DownAlternative TV7:32
59The Game Is OverAlternative TV6:09
60Quagga’s Last StandAlternative TV7:36
61Whole World’s Down On Me (Bonus Track)Alternative TV2:43
62I Live – He Dies (Bonus Track)Alternative TV4:52
63You Cry Your Tears (Bonus Track)Alternative TV3:17
64Music Death? (Bonus Track)Alternative TV2:32
65Dear, Dear (Bonus Track)Alternative TV1:42
66Fellow Sufferer (Bonus Track)Alternative TV9:17
67Graves Of Deluxe Green (Bonus Track)Alternative TV0:56
68Alternatives To Normal Eating Habits (Bonus Track)Alternative TV4:35

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