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VA-The Best Of JamX And De Leon (Edits And Specials)-(3615931548735)-WEB-2018-iHR

Download VA-The_Best_Of_JamX_And_De_Leon_(Edits_And_Specials)-(3615931548735)-WEB-2018-iHR Free
Artist:Tom Wax joins JamX & De Leon
Title of Album:The Best Of JamX & De Leon (Edits & Specials)
Year of Release:2018
Total Time:2 hours, 50 minutes and 55 seconds
Bitrate:320 Kbps
Total Size:391.4 MB

#Song TitleArtistTime
011998 (JamX & De Leons "DuMonde" Radio Mix)Binary Finary3:10
02Tomorrow (Edit)DuMonde5:21
03See the Light (Special unreleased Edit)DuMonde3:58
04Memory (Jamx & De Leon Mix – Edit)DuMonde vs Lange4:26
05Singularity (Edit)DuMonde meets Dave 2025:39
06God Music (Cosmic Gate – Unreleased Edit) (feat. Santoshi)DuMonde3:58
07Human (Radio Cut)DuMonde3:23
08Insanity (DuMonde unreleased Edit)Balthazar4:28
09Never look back (Edit)DuMonde3:23
10Let me out (Monument) (feat. Santoshi)DuMonde2:30
11Memory (DuMonde unreleased Edit)DuMonde vs Lange3:47
12Liebe (P.H.A.T.T. Radio Edit)JamX3:37
13Sexomatic (DuMonde unreleased Edit)DJ JamX4:30
14Keep it that way pt.2 (DJ Gert Mix – Unreleased Edit)DJ JamX5:14
15Can u dig it? (Radio Mix)JamX & De Leon3:04
16Mind Made Up (Unreleased Edit)JamX & De Leon3:47
17I feel you (Edit)DuMonde3:18
18Lost in Emotion (Unreleased Edit)Nature One & JamX3:31
19Fire Walk (Unreleased Edit)Basic Avalon3:10
20Suspicious Love (JamX & De Leon’s DuMonde unreleased Edit)Basic Avalon3:55
21Fly to the Sky (O.P. meets DuMonde Mix – Unreleased Edit)Anastasia vs. DuMonde4:27
22Laut & LeiseTom Wax joins JamX & De Leon3:09
23Das Licht (feat. Feat. Teeno) [Unreleased Edit]JamX joins B.I.A.3:37
24I am what I am (Special unreleased Edit) (feat. Myra)De Leon5:09
25Insanity (Special unreleased Edit)Balthazar2:56
26God Music (feat. Santoshi) [Radio Edit]DuMonde3:19
27Tomorrow (JamX & De Leon’s Onkels Brett Mix – Unreleased Edit)DuMonde5:06
28Dig it! (Radio Edit)JamX & De Leon3:32
301998 (JamX & De Leons "DuMonde" Mix)Binary Finary8:44
31What’s in Your Head (feat. Judge Jules)DuMonde6:35
32Let me out (Alphazone vs Ralph Novell Remix Edited) (feat. Santoshi)DuMonde6:44
33Last AutumnChakomo6:43
34Keep It That Way (feat. DJ Teeno) [Original Radio Mix]DJ JamX3:37
35Sexomatic (Original Edit)DJ JamX3:20
36Warriors (Radio mix)JamX3:17
37Das Licht (feat. DJ Teeno) [Original Mix]JamX joins B.I.A.6:47
38Louder, Softer (Hennes & Cold Mix – Quality Update)Tom Wax joins JamX & De Leon9:06

Release: VA-The_Best_Of_JamX_And_De_Leon_(Edits_And_Specials)-(3615931548735)-WEB-2018-iHR